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File for a divorce without an attorney in the State of Illinois. Why struggle with the legal paperwork and worry about its approval in court? Online Illinois Divorce can spare you this hassle by preparing all the divorce documents to initiate your uncontested divorce.
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Do you know the location of your spouse?
Can you and your spouse agree to the division of property, debts and all child related issues?

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Preparing divorce documents with OnlineIllinoisDivorce.com allows you to save time for more vital tasks. You just need to complete the online questionnaire, providing our system with all the relevant information concerning your divorce case. We then use this information to customize the forms according to the circumstances of your case and Illinois family law. Our customers get court-ready divorce paperwork within a couple of days, with very little effort.
We provide you with:
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  • All Required Illinois State Forms.
  • Illinois-Specific Court Filing Instructions.
  • Unlimited Revisions for as long as your account is active.
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Online Divorce Without a Lawyer in Illinois

Using our Online Divorce service, you can avoid paying thousands of dollars in lawyer’s fees for uncontested divorce paperwork. So, Online Divorce is a great alternative to doing a straight DIY-divorce. It allows you to get the necessary help while avoiding trips to the courthouse and dealing with paperwork. All that you need is to file the completed forms with the court and wait for the final hearing.

OnlineIllinoisDivorce.com will even provide you with clear filing instructions. In the state of Illinois, there is a 30 day waiting period from the date of service (delivering the copies of documents to the second spouse). After that, the divorce can be granted.

The simple steps for filing your divorce with OnlineIllinoisDivorce.com are as follows:
  • Take our simple questionnaire.
  • Divorce forms are custom generated for you to print out or we will mail them to you.
  • File the documents with your local court clerk.
  • The judge will complete your divorce by reviewing the divorce agreement and signing the Judgement.

100% Court Approval Guarantee

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Our Online Service is not only cheap and fast but also 100% reliable. The forms provided by OnlineIllinoisDivorce.com are recognized for use by the Illinois Courts. By using our service, you can be sure that the forms will be filled out correctly and will be approved by the court with no problems or delays.
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Customer Testimonials
Maria P.
Adams County
Our smooth breakup allowed us to file for uncontested divorce and we just decided to arrange it as simply as possible. Online divorce seemed to be a good idea, and now I'm sure we did it right. All the papers were prepared with no issues and I'm pleased with the price. Thanks.
Review stars
Kylie G.
Bureau County
I think that all the papers related to a certain county with its own legal nuances would be prepared correctly only by a Illinois-based company. So that's why I used OnlineIllinoisDivorce and I was really satisfied. My divorce papers were completed in a timely manner and I had no troubles with filing. That was a really smooth process and you can be confident with your filing.
Review stars
Mia J.
Henderson County
Thinking about all that paperwork thing I was preparing for the worst. Fortunately, we agreed on an online divorce! The site was easy to use and we got our completed divorce papers really quickly. We didn't have any problems with the court as well.
Review stars
Mark F.
Greene County
It always seemed to me that divorce must be a much more complicated process. I couldn't imagine how I would cope with that. Where do I get all those papers, how to fill them out and where to go and what to do? So, I was really glad I found onlineillinoisdivorce.com and they took care of all the paperwork and gave me clear instructions on how to file with the court. That made the whole process so much easier!
Review stars
Dan C.
Kane County
Got a first class service for a low price. Everything was ready on time, and the court approved the papers without questions. Thanks for the help!
Review stars
Ellie S.
Ogle County
Great service, affordable price, and - what's really important - clear explanations of what is happening! Thanks to those who created this site.
Review stars
Laura G.
Union County
The staff is knowledgeable and attentive, and the help with documents preparation was excellent. Our divorce papers were ready much faster than I expected.
Review stars
Gabriel H.
White County
I completed everything really fast and with no hassle. Their support was quite helpful too. I'm pleased with the service of OnlineIllinoisDivorce.
Review stars
Anthony D.
Sangamon County
My divorce is final now! Thanks for the preparation of all the paperwork, it was really fast and helpful for me!!
Review stars

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