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Do you need to prepare divorce papers and file them but don’t know how? is your go-to partner to provide you with an effective, legit, and affordable solution to your problem!

“Online divorce” is a specific term that can confuse some people. It is a service to aid people in filling out and filing divorce papers.

Here are some advantages of

  • There is no need for any meetings with lawyers;
  • A PC/laptop or a smartphone is more than enough to prepare the papers;
  • The ability to make any changes to divorce forms if it’s necessary;
  • We provide state-specific written instructions to help out;
  • A low-cost divorce, better than hiring an attorney.

You’re interested now, aren’t you? All you need is to verify whether you are eligible for an online divorce. Just go through our simple questionnaire to check if you qualify!

Qualifying for an Online Divorce in the State of Illinois

An uncontested scenario is the main requirement for an online divorce in Illinois. Thus, before starting, the spouses should have a full agreement regarding divorce specifics, such as alimony, child custody, etc.

After qualifying, the next step is to complete a questionnaire that will allow the system to determine the specifics of your individual case. Our online program will generate the required completed forms based on your answers.

Get a qualified assistance tool for preparing your divorce papers!

Compare Your Options for Filing for Divorce in Illinois

Divorce With a Lawyer

A traditional divorce process where partners use lawyers to go through a divorce.

  • Lawyer’s schedule and availability affect completion time.
  • A lawyer can create new conflicts, thus prolonging the process.
  • Potential emotional damage to children struck in parents' conflict.
  • Attorney services lead to high costs - a lawyer charges a minimum of $250 per hour.
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The premier uncontested divorce tool

An uncontested divorce scenario is cheap, fast, and quick to follow.

  • Complete forms online from the comfort of your home, office, or any place.
  • Gain access to the documents online at any time with no hidden fees.
  • Easy access to at any time.
  • High-quality support service and detailed court filing instructions.

DIY divorce

The cheapest yet hardest divorce scenario. You avoid any assistance but endure the whole load of the divorce process.

  • A lack of specific knowledge leads to mistakes.
  • Paperwork can become a burden dragging out the divorce.
  • Potential extra expenses due to the filing process.
  • A high risk of receiving unwanted outcomes of the divorce.
  • Avoiding qualified assistance leads to disputes.

What Forms Do I Need to File for Divorce in Illinois?

Illinois Divorce Forms

Illinois state court provides spouses who are looking for a no-fault divorce on mutual consent with no minor children with these basic legal forms:

  • Petition for Dissolution of Marriage/Civil Union (No Children);
  • Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage/Civil Union (No Children);
  • Summons (if needed);
  • Non-Marital Real Estate;
  • Financial Affidavit;
  • Additional Debts & Liabilities;
  • Additional Personal Property & Bank Accounts;
  • Interim Fee Award Order;
  • Letter to the Circuit Clerk;
  • Domestic Relations Cover Sheet;
  • Fee Waiver Application (if needed).

The divorce process with children involved is similar. There are just some slight differences in basic forms required:

  • Petition for Dissolution of Marriage/Civil Union (With Children);
  • Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage/Civil Union (With Children);
  • Parenting Plant;

Forms may vary depending on the details of the case.

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How to Fill Out Illinois Divorce Papers


There are several options for filling out divorce forms in Illinois.

  • A first option is to visit the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts. It features blank forms for divorce, child support, and maintenance.
  • It is possible to visit Illinois Legal Aid Online for free interviews called “Easy Forms”.
  • There is also an option to look for an online assistance service such as to go through an online questionnaire to get completed divorce forms.

Filling out divorce forms without an attorney has its peculiarities.

1. Preparation of Papers for Marital and Non-Marital Property.

Illinois law dictates a fair division of shared property. Marital property refers to all the property that was acquired during the marriage. That is why it is crucial to gather and prepare financial documents, tax returns, retirement papers, etc.

Non-marital property is not distributed during the divorce process. There are two types of non-marital property:

  • Property that was acquired before the marriage;
  • Property that was acquired during marriage but for a specific person (such as inheritance and gifts).

2. Taking Care of Your Financial Papers

Most people want to make sure that their finances are protected due to the specifics of Illinois law.

3. Filling Out Divorce Papers

It is now possible to fill out the divorce paperwork. Courts are rather strict. So it is important to avoid making mistakes while filling out the papers.

4. Preparing for Filing

After preparing and filling out all the papers, it is important to make several copies—one for your partner and one for yourself.

File for Divorce Online in Illinois Without a Lawyer


Dissolution of marriage can be challenging. It can become more complex if partners cannot reach an agreement regarding important matters such as child custody, spousal support, property division, etc.

  • Partners can file prepared paperwork in person or by e-filing.
  • They can also use the services of to file their documents with the court.

Illinois family law allows two ways for filing for an uncontested divorce.

First Option - A Typical Uncontested Divorce

Spouses can file for an uncontested divorce if they agree on all the issues. Most county courts can require:

  • Petition for Dissolution of Marriage/Civil Union;
  • Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage/Civil Union;
  • Summons;
  • Entry of Appearance.

These basic forms are integral to an uncontested divorce. However, other forms are needed depending on the pending case.

Second Option: Joint Simplified Dissolution

This is yet another scenario for an uncontested divorce. Joint Simplified Dissolution for Illinois has the following requirements:

  • Spouses have no children;
  • They meet residency requirements;
  • Their marriage lasted less than 8 years;
  • Partners have reached an agreement regarding their issues.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce in Illinois


While this divorce scenario is not recommended for contested divorces, spouses who have settled their differences can go for a DIY divorce. Let us take a look at this divorce process in more detail. can assist you with completing all the required paperwork as fast as possible so you can allocate your full attention to the divorce process.

Step 1. Pick forms that are suitable for your case.

Both partners should be on the same page before filling out the divorce documents. Errors might lead to a rejection by the court.

Step 2. File completed forms at the clerk's office.

The state of Illinois allows filing in person and online. Both options are rather convenient!

Step 3. Serve the papers.

A petitioner should legally serve their partner with the papers. There are several ways of doing this:

  • Service of Summons and Petition - first option is to hire a sheriff in the county where the receiving spouse resides. The sheriff delivers papers in person or via mail and provides confirmation of the service.
  • Entry of Appearance - receiving partner is able to waive the service by filing an Entry of Appearance form.

Step 4. Attend the court hearing.

The court will require a documentation package to be delivered to the final court hearing. All the papers should be in order as the state of Illinois has strict rules regarding the division of property.

If everything is fine, the judge will sign the papers. Moreover, copies should be served to the receiving side, and the divorce is finalized.

We provide you with:
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  • All Required Illinois State Forms.
  • Illinois-Specific Court Filing Instructions.
  • Unlimited Revisions for as long as your account is active.

Getting a Divorce With Children in Illinois


The process for filing for divorce is similar to the procedures for childless couples, but they also need to cover the question of child custody and financial support for children.

Like most other states, Illinois is now a part of the Uniform Child Custody Act intended to reduce cross-state legislative conflicts. There are two types of custody: legal and physical.

Legal custody. This type of custody refers to the parent’s right to make important life decisions for the child. This includes schooling or religious upbringing.

Physical custody. This type of custody refers to who the child will live with.

Like other states, Illinois courts allow either one or both parents to have legal and physical custody.

It is also important to remember that the court requires a parenting plan to be presented within 120 days after filing.

Moreover, both parents need to attend a mandatory parenting class before the final hearing. Depending on the county, this class can be at least 4 hours.

Some counties allow taking an online parenting class without the court's permission, while others require official approval.

Residency Requirements in IL

In the state of Illinois, a partner's residency requirement is based on physical presence within the state.

At least one of the spouses must live in Illinois for a minimum of 90 days before filing.

However, the rules are quite flexible. A petitioner does not have a waiting period to establish residency. It is possible to begin the filing process on the day of moving to Illinois or before it.


How Long Does It Take to Get a Divorce in Illinois

In most cases, there are a number of factors that can affect the divorce process. The specific type of divorce determines the different forms required for your case.

The state of Illinois has a 90-day waiting period for uncontested divorces. If the divorce is contested, the situation can be different.

A contested divorce takes a lot more time, and spouses often hire lawyers to represent their interests in the court. However, there is no specified time period for a contested divorce - everything depends on the circumstances.

That is why contested divorces take a long time to settle. The cost of such a divorce can reach up to $4,000+, which is usually undesirable for spouses who want to avoid additional expenses.

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