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Filing for Divorce in White County, Illinois (IL)

There are various methods available to arrange a divorce:

• Divorce with a lawyer

Full-scope divorce attorneys usually handle everything in the case, from start to finish. They can deal with paperwork, help to set the terms for child custody or property division and represent their client at hearings.

• Divorce mediation

Mediation is a type of voluntary settlement process. Under the guidance of a neutral mediator, the spouses try to reach an agreement concerning the terms of their separation and avoid litigation.

• Collaborative divorce

Collaborative law is another alternative to traditional litigation. In a collaborative divorce, both spouses seek to resolve their disputes out-of-court but still want legal protection and hire divorce lawyers.

• Unbundled legal services

Limited scope representation implies that a person seeks legal advice concerning some particular aspect of divorce without having the lawyer take over the entire marriage dissolution case.

• Do-it-Yourself divorce

DIY divorce occurs when the spouses go through the divorce process with no help from a lawyer, i. e., "Pro Se."

Illinois family laws do not prohibit people from representing themselves in legal cases. Such an option is subject to the same laws and rules as any legally-assisted case.
A DIY divorce is most suitable for simplified, uncontested cases, where the spouses agree about the critical aspects of their separation.

Acting as pro se litigants, the spouses should complete the documents, resolve all disputed issues, and take responsibility for any consequences of divorce.
Online Illinois Divorce can help prepare all the required legal forms quickly and effortlessly, facilitating the first step in arranging an uncontested divorce in White County.

We provide you with:
  • All Required Illinois State Forms.
  • Illinois-Specific Court Filing Instructions.
  • Unlimited Revisions for as long as your account is active.

Online Divorce in White County, Illinois (IL)

Those couples who want to get an uncontested divorce in White County, Illinois, can take advantage of the reliable, county-specific document drafting service. offers an affordable solution to get all the needed divorce forms completed in the shortest terms without even leaving home.

The service can compile and fill out divorce forms in accordance with Illinois laws, White County courts rules, and the peculiarities of the case in only two business days.
The user receives their unique, ready-to-file, printable forms by email without going to the Clerk's Office or worrying if they are completed correctly.

The basic steps a user should take to enjoy Online Illinois Divorce benefits:
  1. Check if your divorce case is qualified to be processed by answering a few questions on the homepage.
  2. Provide the case details the Online Illinois Divorce assistance service needs to complete your unique divorce forms package.
  3. When your forms are ready two business days later, you’ll be notified by email. Log in to your account and download the ready-made forms in PDF-format.
  4. Go to your local courthouse and apply for divorce, following our simple step-by-step filing instructions.
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Maria P.
I really appreciate the help I was given. I got my forms within two days and was able to print and sign them immediately. The service was easy to use, and I had no problems. Probably the best solution for a simple uncontested case like mine.
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Kylie G.
I liked the Online Illinois Divorce service. It provided affordable, fast, and efficient assistance with the paperwork I needed. It took them just a couple of days to prepare all my divorce forms. And when I contacted customer support to figure things out, they were very friendly and responsible.
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Mia J.
I'd like to recommend this website to anyone seeking an uncontested divorce in Illinois. It is absolutely great and very helpful. Good value for money!
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Mark F.
A very smooth and stress-free process so far. Once I finished the online questionnaire, the forms were completed within two days, just as declared. I'm sure it would have taken me a lot longer to figure things without any assistance.
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Dan C.
Everything went smoothly. The county court office accepted the papers I received here, and now I am waiting to set my court date. Thank you for making the challenging process at least a little bit easier. Anyone going through an uncontested divorce should consider using
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Ellie S.
I would recommend this service to anyone arranging a DIY divorce in Illinois! This online divorce service is fast, easy, and inexpensive. The website is easy to use, and customer support is available to answer your questions if you have any difficulties with the questionnaire, etc. All my docs were filled out correctly and in just two days as promised!
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Laura G.
Thank you for being so helpful! This service was excellent. I received my divorce forms quickly and got clear step-by-step instructions on how to file them safely with the court. I was surprised at how easy it was.
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Gabriel H.
I was a little hesitant at first to resort to an online divorce option, but now I’m very happy I did. I was not disappointed with the service provided by It is a reliable document drafting service that does exactly what it promises. I got my papers completed in two days after I answered an online questionnaire. And my paperwork went through the court system successfully.
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Anthony D.
This is probably the best service of its kind! Online Illinois Divorce provides state- and county-specific information and forms and qualified customer support as well. Using this website made the confusing process of filing for divorce much easier for me!
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